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Digital Billboards And Marketing in Malta

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We Provide Both Physical And Digital Marketing Services

Effective Ads

Digital advertising solutions are a key effective choice for helping businesses in their challenges to reach more potential customers.

Multiple Topics

When using any of our digital billboards or screens, you can have two or more entirely different ads running just seconds apart from one another.

Real Time Updates

All adverts on our digital billboards and screens are uploaded instantly. We can have your adverts go from an idea to the public within minutes.

Space For Ideas

Creativity is the key! Reach different crowds with our different schedules. Advertise static images, presentations or eye catching videos.


Discover A Wider World Of Digital Advertising

Digital billboards aren’t just for high-end brands with big pockets; it’s time for everyone to consider whether or not digital billboards are right for their marketing campaign. Digital billboards utilize the latest technology to deliver a timely message, and makes it easy to display and change content. Digital billboards are also capable of changing between multiple messages, allowing advertisers to alternate between different ads. All this can be done within minutes. This means that, companies who advertise on digital billboards can buy the perfect amount of advertising duration for their needs and budgets.

Expand your marketing mix and grow your business with digital billboard space anytime, anywhere, on any budget. Over 25 locations and counting.

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Once you’re fully confident that digital advertising benefits and advantages are a perfect match for your business needs, goals, and available budget, your next step is to choose the best suitable digital advertising types and platforms to reach and engage with your potential customers.

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Martin Mikula
Martin Mikula

Project Manager

Our experience with has been very good in terms of both results and the support we have received. We enjoy a good working relationship with staff and find them to be responsive to our inquiries and needs.

Barbra Lucas
Barbra Lucas

Marketing Manager

Thank you very much for your honesty, professionalism, dedication, patience, kindness, willingness to provide the service, which complies with the most strict requirements of the most demanding customers.

Jonathan Bellizzi
Jonathan Bellizzi


We’ve had issues finding reliable and trustworthy businesses to work with for the varying needs of our company. However, you have been the one company in all the different digital areas that we trust.

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